The other day our CEO and I were chatting about vision as we prepare to hold our annual planning meeting.

Here's what she remembers about how she discovered the power of vision…

I remember when I was kid and got my first pair of glasses. I had no idea I even needed glasses, but once I had them.. I couldn't believe what I had been missing, and how I had been living my life all this time the way I had! Could everyone see this well.. the whole time?!

I was giddy as my mom drove me home and I could see every leaf on every tree, how every rock fit together in the rock wall that lined our driveway, the way the hay bales made perfect rows in an even larger, but still perfect, geometric shape (did I mention I'm a country girl)…

It was like …..

I would read every road sign as soon as it came into focus to show my brothers that I could see, I could see everything, and I could see better than them! I sat outside of our house and would relish in the beautiful panoramic landscape that surrounds our country home just soaking up every detail trying to make up for all the time I had missed.

Just as 10 year old Kelly's life was changed by discovering the power of VISION AND CLARITY, so can your life and the life of your BUSINESS.

Having a clear, powerful vision is the cornerstone of business success. The conceptualization of your business was based off a vision and you're only doing yourself and your business a disservice if you don't capitalize on that vision and your ability to create such! Plus, how can we get a team on the same page as us if we haven't written the page and solidified the vision.

We can't know where we're going and certainly won't know how to get there if we don't clarify our vision so we can see 20/20!