No one trades an MVP. 

This is one of my favorite phrases. I'm no sports buff per se, but it doesn't take a Bob Costas to understand this phrase in a real way. 

What makes up a most valuable player? That's what I love about this. Whoever on the team is highly functioning and OVERALL valuable to the team and to the organization is a invaluable resource. 

Even though you may not realize you're trading your MVP, if you're NOT doing the following, you may be pushing your MVP away. 

  1. Providing opportunities for growth
  2. Providing all resources, tools, and training needed for success
  3. Making all expectations and goals clear; be transparent
  4. Keeping communication lines open (both ways)
  5. Get and give feedback
  6. Make them feel appreciated & respected

Recognizing exceptional talent and providing your talent with resources, opportunities, respect is essential to making and keeping a great team. Good talent and good teams attract start players and KEEPS star players. 

Stack your team with MVPs and do what you can to create an environment and a team they don't want to trade out of!