Madi here, Ops Agency Admin. I feel the need to introduce myself as to make sure my teammates aren't assumed of this story I'm about to tell. So with that disclosure… here it is… yesterday, I got a spray tan for the first time.

You now have ten seconds to judge what you're assuming my newly fake skin color now looks like…

Alright – Let's continue. The reason I'm writing this confessional blog about my spray tan participation, is not to brag about how amazing my previously pale winter skin now looks, but rather to tell you about my experience consuming a pretty unique and new service-based product.

This is a new company still in its start-up phase, but scaling very quickly, and for obvious reasons. This company provides in-home spray tans. They bring a little tent, set it up in your living room and give you a “glow”. Their product is vegan, organic, and hypoallergenic. Their working hours are dependent on when their employees want to work, which creates a wonderful and flexible schedule for everyone involved, as for many of these women this is their second job, so they're willing to work throughout the evening. This business method is genius, and heres why:


I have never been the type of person to pursue a spray tan. I had never done it previously, and I probably would have never done it at all if it required me going out of my way to do so. But because of their methods of service, I literally had no reason not to – and this is key. As a service-provider you should be shooting to give your clients no reason not to book your services. This woman came to my house at whatever time worked for me (I chose 8pm on a Tuesday, because it worked for my schedule), she brought a tent to set up in my living room; she was incredibly informative about the application and care process; she was outgoing, friendly, and gave me her personal cell-phone number so that if I wanted to book again I could literally just text her…


For celebrity-like service, you'd think it would cost an arm and a leg. But it truly didn't, and on top of this, they also offered discounts for groups. In this situation, the business model, “quality over quantity” goes out the window. When you are a service provider, you need to be both. Having an affordable product, that feels like it should cost your client so much more, means that you are the only person they are going to be booking with. It means that there will be no one else out there operating on the same level as you are, and it means that very quickly, your business will need to Grow its Capacity. Which is exactly the position you want to be in.

Good and Good for you

When it comes to marketing your product or service, having something that is “sustainable”, “organic”, or “eco-friendly” is an incredible boost. Right now, this is something that so many people are looking for. Tying this aspect of your business into a quality product that is affordable, will never leave you without work.

The Recipe:

If you are a service provider who is producing quality work, at an affordable rate, with a marketing scheme that targets trends, you will be successful in growing your business.

…and if you come to a point where you are turning away clients because you hit a time and income ceiling (CONGRATULATIONS) – check out for a free webinar on expansion at an operational level. Operate on overflow, not on duct-taping leaks.