Have you ever heard of the broken windows theory? 

It's a criminological concept that suggests that civil discourse is encouraged by the sight of broken windows (and graffiti / excessive litter / etc.). The theory that just by seeing broken windows in buildings, a visual display of criminal behavior, further disorder is subliminally promoted. 

Rick, The Walking Dead sheriff/resident badass, talks about this theory and applies its suggestive impact in managing the post-apocalyptic group by enforcing strict rules and keeping a calm temperment even in the chaos. 

Likewise, a company's operational infrastructure are the metaphorical windows in our neighborhood. Keeping the windows, that is our back-end processes that support the weight of our business, intact is integral to keeping peace and order in the neighborhood, that is our company. 

Our COO and Founder, Aly, often talks about duct-taped-together processes: When an entrepreneur/company is barely keeping their head above water, fulfilling on orders haphazardly and feeling like any further volume will be the weight that crushes the business. This is no way to operate. There is no way to scale your business this way. 

In the same vein, having busted processes (or broken windows) can and will create a domino effect of organizational pandemonium. 

Keeping your processes documented, updated, and streamlined is the cornerstone to operational success.. AND it's easier than you think! 

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