Consistency is something we've discussed in previous blogs, but I feel it's so important I wanted to dedicate an entire post to the matter…

If you follow us closely, you know that one of our favorite tasks here at Operations Agency, is planning. We like planning. I mean, we each have multiple planners on us at all times, as well as our Google Calendars on alert, type of planning people. We like setting goals, and feeling the reward of crushing them. This being said, if every business focused only on their monthly/quarterly/yearly goals, without maintaining the day to day operations of their business, they would never be successful. It is for this reason, that the people who make the biggest difference, are the ones who do the little things consistently.

My day-to-day tasks look a little something like this… ** initiate the chugging of coffee **

Being a remote company is a blessing, and although everyone is different, I have found for myself that I am more productive when I can work for an hour or two in my robe prior to even ‘starting' my day. It is in this time that I plan my day. I will write down all the tasks I plan to accomplish, including my personal tasks such as make dinner, do laundry, etc. I then will write a blog, or some social media copy. I find I'm the most creative during these first few hours of being awake. After that, I may (or may not, let's be honest) trade in the robe for some normal people Tuesday clothing… and get to work chugging away at the more tedious or time consuming tasks of my day.

Everyone's working habits will be different. Although this routine works for me, please do not take it as gospel. The important take-away is consistency. Create goals for yourself, and stick to them, but stay consistent with the smaller tasks. Think of these tasks more as routine, rather than work. For our clients and followers to see us consistently posting on social media, or ensuring our mailers are sent out on time, it proves reliability and creates a reputation of someone you want to work with. This is the same for any service-based business. Potential and previous clients alike need to know that you are dedicated, and willing to put in the work to provide them with an excellent product or outcome. This comes from consistent exposure and transparency.

Putting your head down and crushing those goals on the back-end are equally as important, but not letting the smaller tasks slip is what will bring your company to the next level.

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