It's 2019 – life moves FAST. We're all so busy, juggling a million things- between work, home, social lives, family schedule, etc., who has time for the mundane? Unfortunately, the mundane is a necessary evil and fortunately, 2019 has some advantages in streamlining and speeding up the mundane. One that I capitalize on: Grocery Pick-Up. And before you go telling me about Grocery Delivery, just know that I'm now aware and scheduling my next one. Anyway, so the other day, I was fed up with the mundane. I had my grocery pick-up scheduled and instead of being grateful that I was saving hours of my day by having it ready for pick-up, I was dreading the twenty minute adventure out of the house. I know, what a jerk. It was just one of those days, and little did I know the universe was about to give me a wake up call for my attitude. I was annoyed by every car on the road. “Get Over!”, “What the hell are you trying to do?!”, “OMG – drive!!”. My attitude was poor, at best. I recognized how rotten my mood was and how it was spoiling my actions. Why was my patience so thin with these other drivers? I'm not usually the road rage type of person and I try to be a very “treat others as you would want to be treated” action driven gal. I took a deep breath and decided to snap out of it. As I drove around the corner towards the grocery store, the trees parted and the sky was fully visible. I literally gasped at the view I know had. The sunset in front of (and suddenly all around) me was BREATHTAKING. I couldn't help but be grateful for the mundane. Had I not left the house to go to the grocery store I would have missed out on this epic beauty I now got to experience. 

Just like this, the attitudes of ourselves; our team (employees, contractors, etc.); and our clients and customers will certainly have an influence on the outcome we all experience. Being in each moment and grateful for the opportunity to serve our business, ourselves, our family, or our customers in whatever small and mundane way can prove to be the most rewarding experiences if we allow ourselves to see the beauty among the inevitable chaos of life.