If you are a listener of our podcast, you know that Alyson, our COO is an avid runner. She often discusses how running provides her a sense of clarity and sometimes incites new perspective. Running is something she has done her entire life, and continues to do, each and every day. It is more than a routine for her, it is who she is. It is no longer a choice.

In our 50th podcast episode we interviewed Cody Burch to learn more about his perspectives on discipline. He stated that he sets his gym clothes out the night before, and goes as far as to untie his sneakers prior to going to sleep. This way, when he wakes up, there is no excuse – no decision he has to make – other than getting up and going to the gym. He doesn't even need to decide what to wear, because that choice has already been made.

Many people think that motivation is an inherent trait. That those who some would identify as “motivated”, must have been born that way. Have you ever heard someone say “wow, that person is so successful because they're so motivated” in a way that sounds like that person is lucky for having that sense of drive? Babies are not born with a sense of motivation… sometimes it is in how they were raised, maybe their parents are very motivated people, and this mindset of routines and goal orientation rubbed off on them throughout their childhood; or maybe their parents were the exact opposite, and the child grew up wanting more in life than what their parents provided.

In every one of these situations, these individuals have made conscious choices to wake up every morning and achieve their goals for that day. Motivation is not the starting point, but rather, the end point. You create it, and you have to continue creating it, in order to keep it.

Like watering a flower, or maintaining relationships, if you want the reward and return, you need to continue your efforts. Motivation is the exact same. We all love feeling motivated. It is exciting, and productive, it is eager and youthful. It makes you feel like you earned that glass of wine on your couch at the end of your day, and it makes you want to plan the following day with equal amount of pizzazz. This is amazing, it is what we entrepreneurs live for. We love creating our own tasks lists, and watching the fruits of our labor grow. This is motivation.

…and thus I circle back to choice.

Choice is life. Choice is the life of an entrepreneur. Choice is power. But only in small proportions. If given too much choice, overwhelm begins to creep up through the floorboards…

Motivation is limiting the choices in your life.

This is operations, folks. Limiting those choices, creating systematized flows and sticking to them. For Alyson, its knowing that every day, no matter how she's feeling or what she ate for lunch, she's going for a run. For Cody, this means that every night he's setting out his gym clothing and every morning he isn't overthinking, he's just doing. In your business, it means that everyday you complete your routine tasks that you know you need to do. This is your home base, this routine is where you live, and the progress and achievement that you experience is what creates your continual motivation.

Motivation is organization, and doing.

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