I think it was originally said by Dita Von Teese, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world.. and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches”. (spoiler alert: my Pop-Pop hates peaches and won't even try one because of the fuzz)

I love this phrase and I think it applies to everyone, but especially to us as entrepreneurs. We see a need, we have a skill, we try to spread the solutions we have to help people. There's always going to be somebody that doesn't want the solution, or doesn't agree with your methods, or simply doesn't vibe on your frequency or doesn't mesh well with your personality. Is that any reason to stop your mission? Well, hell no! 

Aly and I had a powerful training coach recently that taught us something really valuable. There may be many people in the world that do what you do, but they are NOT you and therefore cannot do what you do the WAY you do it! Think about that. It's powerful. 

I was recently looking for a new Primary Care Physician. A colleague that I respect and love beyond measure recommended her doctor. She's gone to him for years and years and praised him extensively. She told me I would just LOVE him. So I made an appointment, and ya know what… I did not love him. He's brilliant and seasoned and polite, but he was not my cup of tea. Picking someone to engage in paid services with is a very personal opinion that is different for everyone. I'm sure the thing I disliked about this doctor had NEVER even been on my colleague's radar because we are different people with different personalities, different priorities, different life experiences, different needs, etc.  To my colleague, this doctor was the juiciest peach… but I threw it right out. It wasn't the one for me. 

Aly brought this up recently when we were helping a client of ours hammer down on their products and services they want to offer the public. The client was having a moment of self-doubt as he stated that he's not the only person with this business idea and a similar model. Aly made this comparison: how many burger joints are there? (By the way, out of curiousity, I just crunched some numbers and based of the top few rated chains alone – there are around 43,000 locations in the US). They're all in business and they're all doing the same thing, but they all have their own spin on it, right? And there's still a huge group of Americans that don't like burgers! Or don't eat meat at all! 

Stay focused, stay committed. You are the only person that can do what you do the WAY you do it. There's only one you. Be the juicy peach! (and know that the peach haters are the ones missing out!)