As Q1 comes to an end and we begin to plan for Q2; we're reminded of, not only, the importance of planning but also the emphasis on execution. The perfect plan, after all, is worthless if not executed well.

We here at Ops Agency are very diligent planners and executers. We plan the execution of each day, each week, each month, each quarter, etc. all in similar fashions but with different focuses depending on the current needs and current climate of our organization and the market in which we operate.

By tailoring our planning and execution needs to integrate together, we've found staying on track is so much easier. We've created a series of planning techniques that work together with our daily productivity and weekly group huddles to reflect on our progress, realign with our vision and top initiatives, and optimize efficiency.

In business, it's not the thought that counts. It's about the output you yield from the planning and daily work put in to achieve your goals.

A great example of this is process creation and documentation. One of our biggest take-homes throughout Operations Simplified, is that as your business grows, it is important to be continually documenting new workflows. This is the key to business efficiency. It is the backbone of your business and what will keep you propelling forward.

This is one of our Admin, Madi's tasks in our agency. As we grow, she documents our SOP's, including every last detail. This way, when the time comes when we need to recruit more amazing folks to join our team, the training process will be a piece of cake.

Today, I challenge you to take a moment and reflect upon the goals you set for Q1, which of them did you execute? In what areas did you fault? Do you think your operations could have provided more support, and allowed you to accomplish more? What we're trying to drive home here, is your extensive planning can only do so much…

If you're feeling at a loss, a solopreneur stagnation, if you will; we can help with that… in fact, it just so happens to be our favorite thing! Pretty nerdy, we already know.

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See you inside.