Practice Makes Perfect. 

How many times have we heard this? 

As the youngest child of five I remember being a kid; I was always so eager to grow up and be independent. One day we were in a hurry (just as always because my parents are trying to get FIVE kids out the door), my mom told one of my older brothers to tie my shoes for me – because I hadn't perfected it and she knew it would take me a really long time, which we didn't have to spare. 

But, being who I am (even as a youngster), I wanted to be able to do it myself and resented that I didn't have the knowledge or skills to do this task independently. So… that day (with my father's voice echoing in my head “Practice Makes Perfect”), I committed to learning how. When we returned back home from whatever our outing that day had been, I sat down to learn to tie my shoes. I fumbled with it for awhile. But I'm stubborn, so I stuck with it. By that evening, I was pulling every pair of laced shoe from every closet to untie and tie back because I could. 

It was the last day my brothers had to help me tie my shoes, because…. practice makes perfect. 

This is basically a universal truth. We know to become better at something, you must practice. As you practice; you make mistakes. Learning from mistakes allows you to refine your process and you get closer to perfection as you progress. 

Had I not known the foundational information and been shown the technique, it likely would have taken me a lot longer to learn. If I didn't know WHAT I was practicing with each shoe tying exercise, and was just haphazardly twisting the laces one time to gain closure and then by stuffing the strings under my foot the next time….. well, the learning curve would look a lot differently. 

Having the foundation of the process (the purpose, the techniques, etc.) is what makes this ‘practiceable'. I knew I needed a shoe with laces to begin and I knew the steps I needed to perform to gain the outcome I intended. 

This is one of my favorite things about process documentation and streamlining operations! Once we start to document our processes, we all practice together towards perfecting our process. Now this process that we use (which we know yields a particular desirable outcome) is repeatable. 

This is good for more than one reason. For one, you can handle a larger volume of clients and customers without drowning if you've streamlined and perfected your processes. Plus, your team is acting as one and perfecting the same process, the same way. 

 If something changes or fails, we refine the process and by keeping it all documented in a common-place that's accessible by all… Everyone is instantly updated. That means everyone is ALWAYS accessing the most up-to-date instructions (if you will) and it keeps us all on the same page, working towards perfecting our process and perfecting our results for our customers and clients. 

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