Let’s talk resumes! Did you know approximately 75% of candidates are knocked-out of consideration based off their resume alone? And as hiring managers, we are known to only give each resume a 10-30 second glance before deciding whether or not the candidate is a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ when it comes to scheduling interviews. While trends may differ between industries in regards to what is ‘eye-catching’ when submitting a resume for review (perhaps an art and design agency would appreciate a candidate’s resume that shows uniqueness in the formatting and pop of color while a finance firm would frown upon the unprofessionalism displayed), there are some things that we all can agree are taboo and not representative of the talent we want putting their hands on our businesses:

  • Being qualitative versus quantitative. They shouldn’t leave anything up for interpretation because having a resume that says ‘Sally Job-Seeker’ is a “skilled customer service representative” sounds like an opinion and not one that we as business owners want to take a risk on, but saying Sally “serves 35 branches with their customer service needs closing an average of 100 tickets per week” is a sentiment that holds weight. Plus, this type of syntax can be indicative of the type of communicator this person is or how keen their attention to detail may be in this regard.

  • What is the email address listed as on the candidate’s resume? Still using a high school or college email address like cutieWitAbooty@aol.com or BoozKing25@hotmail.com ? If so, how much effort is this person putting in? Go and get yourself a grown up email address. It’s free and takes all of 5 minutes and can make all the difference when we sit down to decide if we want a second look. If I have a candidate that wasn’t willing to take that time to put their best foot forward, I’m not willing to give my time to sit down for an interview. Surveys say 76% of hiring managers won’t even consider a candidate with an unprofessional email address. Time to end your reign, Booze King.
  • Did they Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! One more time, louder for those in the back – PROOFREAD! We hear about 43% of hiring managers have reported eliminating a candidate based on spelling errors alone. Our candidates should be using this opportunity to make a stellar first impression. If they’ll send out resumes without verifying their quality of work, what does that say about the quality of work they’ll do in your business if given the job? After all, we don’t want to end up with Rachel Green during her resume typo debacle.. See below if you’re not a Friends nut, like us, and need a reference to this (mostly) relevant funny moment.