A rolling stone never gathers moss….

I've never been a stranger to being different and the same is true when it comes to my interpretation of this phrase. I suppose the original meaning implied a negative connotation on the principle of being a wanderer or ‘unsettled'. We know that moss and lichens do not easily grow in the presence of disturbance. If the environment is moving and changing, the moss will not be established and have the chance to grow or spread. The original meaning was to say that a person who moves around regularly will have difficulty developing ‘roots' and further more may be unreliable or unable to maintain responsibilities. Maybe it's the hippie mentality in me, but I always deciphered the phrase in a much different way. To me, gathering moss represented stagnation. Don't get me wrong, I am very much a family person and am proud of my roots, but this phrase gained popularity in a different time when the world was a different place. Today, a person can roll ALL over the place and maintain deep roots and connections with the people and responsibilities around us thanks to advances in technology and transportation. We can work remotely from all over the world, we can fly from one place to another. Further more, I would argue that moss is a result of lack of maintenance in life and in business. In life, there are things I have to do to maintain my sanity, my abilities, my checkbook, my health, my hygiene, etc. I have to go to the gym. I, then, have to bathe. I have to meditate. I have to make money. I have to deposit that money and pay my bills. If I stop moving and I stop my processes and I stop the daily or weekly maintenance of my life, moss will grow and spread. I choose to stay in motion and to keep on rollin. Just call me Mick Jagger.