Happy Tuesday! For today's post, we wanted to do something a little different. We often write blogs about our various methods of inspiration, organization, content creation, and operational workflows in general. Igniting these ideas are so important and influential, but it is what comes after the formation of idea that grows your business and hits your goals.

Today I am doing a quick dive into four of our favorite online resources for operational functions.

Disclaimer: This blog is targeted toward the notice entrepreneur, who is just started in the business world and is still a little unsure of where to start. If you are well into your business development it is likely that you either are aware of, or currently using these resources.


If you have completed a little operational research of your own, it is likely that you are already familiar with Trello. However, for those of you who aren't I wanted to discuss how we use Trello, and why we love it so much.

This resource is integrated into almost every aspect of our business at Operations Agency. It is where we schedule our weeks, plan our days, and track our completions. We use it internally for cross-functional transparency, for time tracking, and for assigning tasks to each other. It is a mode of conversation and a resource for asset indexing. Externally, we use it in our Operations Simplified program. We offer a done-for-you on-boarding sequence built in Trello, where you can immediately add your teammates, and hit the ground running.


Both inside and outside of the realm of social media, Canva is one of our favorite tools for content creation and customization. If you're looking to make anything from infographics, posters, or social media posts, Canva is your friend. It has a huge selection of free images, fonts and colors that can be used in your creation. The options are limitless, and the interface is incredibly user friendly. Many other sites and tools only have templates available for customization, Canva has a magnitude of templates, but also allows for complete image building from the ground up. We use this site to make all of our infographics, our podcast and blog promotions for social, and marketing digital hand-outs.


If you're an entrepreneur, or someone working for a start-up, social media is your best friend. Right now, scaling a business without the use of social media is incredibly hard – so don't do that to yourself! With Hootsuite, you are able to schedule social publishings across all of your accounts as far into the future as you'd like. Whether you're posting the same info across various platforms, or different material on each, this can all be specified.

In addition to post scheduling, Hootsuite essentially populates all your scorecard data for you. Under the ‘analytics' section, you'll find – by a selectable date range – engagement, followers, likes, comments, and more.


If you have taken our Operations Simplified program, you have probably become quite comfortable in Trianual! Many of our clients choose to complete the program using this software, and for good reason! If you have a coaching or agency based business, this is definitely a good resource. It is user-friendly, and allows you to create various lessons within different subjects. You can upload videos, images, and any amount of text to supply your clients with any material they may need for success.

To learn more about how we implement these strategies into our own business, head over to operationsagency.com/class to watch a free webinar!