You know what grinds my gears? 

The lack of a clear division of labor. 

Let's talk about the domino effect of chaos that occurs when an organization fails to clearly define roles and the responsibilities that falls within each role. 

Have you ever heard of the bystander effect? It's a sociological anamoly in which individuals are less likely to help (a victim or otherwise) when in the presence of other people. The more people, the less likely it is that someone will help. It's the mindset of “someone else will do it”. No one thinks it has to be them. When there is one person, that one person is much more likely to step in. Within an organization, everyone should know exactly what tasks, duties, and responsibilities belong to them so they can OWN them. 

If you're operating on a whim that encourages all team members ‘grab' tasks as they come in…. how does anyone know who has grabbed what? How much time is spent saying, “No, I got this one”? Or worse, tasks and clients are slipping through the cracks because individuals have a lack of accountability (at no fault of their own). 

Now, let's talk about what happens when there is a clear division. 

People are able to take control, accountability, and full responsibility. That means if those tasks or that department is improving, we know WHO is performing well. That means that one person can feel the weight of the responsibility and if they see a problem with the current process, they will be willing to take initiative to improve on that process. 

It reminds me of when I'm driving during rush hour traffic. Imagine that I need to turn left and there are two cars approaching in each respective lane. If one car stops to let me go turn ahead of them, but the car in the other lane does not… I still can't go. Not only that but now, the people behind the car that was trying to be nice and helpful also can't go. Not to mention the car that has stopped is obviously NOT going. The person that stopped had the best of intentions but by being “nice and helpful” versus just following the rules of the road, a domino effect of chaos has occurred. 

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