Did you write out your goals for 2020? Today, 2 months away from the end of the year… how close are you to hitting them? Lots of business owners sit down with me and admit that while they may do a bit of annual or quarterly planning, they find themselves stuck at the end of the year wondering why they feel like they need to cram everything into the last quarter. And still come up short…

Now, I don’t want to sit here and lecture those of you who have let things slip this year because, let’s be honest, 2020 has been a crazy ride. 

What I’d like to chat about is how to prioritize these next few months to get the MOST out of 2021… with a little planning, of course.

First, let’s talk about closing loops…

If you have a service or project that didn’t get your full attention in 2020, let’s get that documented or planned out.

How can you focus on growth initiatives if what you’re already doing isn’t systematic and scalable? 

Answer is… you can’t. 

1) The undocumented service

If your team has no idea how to get your clients results in your core service. That needs to get rectified immediately. 

If you are an agency owner, service provider or coach and you are doing 99 percent of the project management work for your core services… you need documentation.

If you feel like you can’t take on new clients because you’re in over your head with work already… you need documentation.

Get your core deliverables documented, hire someone or contract help so you can get those repeatable results faster and leave yourself more time to focus on business growth and development.

2) The never-ending project

This one is huge. 

If you’ve been sitting on an idea or working through a project that has been dragging on forever, you need to plan better…

And, likely, you need more accountability with your team.

If you are the one responsible for reminding your team about deadlines and constantly following up about things that just aren’t getting done, you need to plan better.

See, the common misconception about planning is that it’s just about the day or the hour you plan. 

No… the most important component of planning is lining out the project, creating measurable milestones and then holding the key contributors accountable to their piece of the pie.

It’s simple. But lots of planners find this complex.

If you’ve been sitting on a project or an idea, do yourself a favor…

Get your services documented and plan your next big thing with all the time you save getting out of the weeds. 

Finish your Playbook now.