Have you ever seen a toddler cover their eyes in attempt to make themselves invisible to their audience? They believe that because they can't see you or the people around them, than the others, as a result, must not be able to see them. We, of course, know this is not true. But how cute are kids?! So of course, they cover their eyes with their cute little chubby hands, and you'll have a room full of full-grown, educated adults saying, “where'd you go?!”. 

We laugh at how silly this is as a concept, but, I challenge you to ask yourself – What am I covering my eyes to disappear from? 

It's easy to feel invincible (or invisible) in certain areas if you never take the time to look at how well you're performing, how well the market is responding, or how your profit margin is looking, and so on and so forth. As they say; out of sight, out of mind. This is why we always stress the importance of checking your metrics. Often. Keep your finger on the pulse and know where you stand in every aspect. 

At Operations Agency, we work with our clients to help determine what metrics should be measured and how often. Our coaching program shows our clients how to develop and maintain a scorecard to quickly, efficiently and effectively keep all areas of the business IN sight and IN mind. This is one of the tools in our tool-belt that allows us to scale businesses without fear of any looming issues in the background of the business and/or marketplace.