Over my years in experience across the multi facets of private sector as well as in government subcontracted positions, from HR to operations consulting, from team member to team lead, there's one constant: One Size Does Not Fit All. This is not a jeggings situation. Each and every organization is different…. but similar. Being an entrepreneur is certainly an art, not a science. Although, as a lover of researcher, I try to saturate as much science into my craft as artistically possible. 

While there are certain formulas or case study evidence that shows favoritism to one school of thought over another, the bottom line is, each company is more or less unique. If the market is the same and the product is the same, surely the culture or at least team is DIFFERENT. 

Some organizations grow large enough that they have no choice but to standardize their formulas to use across (most) marketplaces and regions. 

This is what we LOVE about small businesses; small, tight-knit teams; and solopreneurs. We aren't clock-punchers. We aren't numbers in a grand scheme. We are individuals; we are passionate and we are closely connected to our organizations. 

For this reason, we don't have to think about what makes sense over 1,000 nationwide stores. We get to focus on OUR customers in OUR marketplace that WE know and serve. 

How do we best channel this energy? Make the most of your meetings. Meet often and with a progressive mindset. What is working? What isn't? Where are we stuck? How could we improve? What initiatives can we put into place to drive us closer to our objectives? 

If this isn't what you're talking about in your meetings, your likely wasting your team's time and draining your energy and resources instead of fueling growth. 

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